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OKREAL KIM Born 1964, lives and work in Daegu, Korea. Director of CAIKOR and Artspace Purl Education 1996-.2003  Ph.D(ABD)., 'History of Art and Aesthetics' YeungNam University, Daegu, Korea 1992-1995  MA , 'History of Art and Aesthetics' YeungNam University, Daegu, Korea 1984-1988  BFA, Fine Arts, YeungNam University, Daegu, Korea Professional Experience 1996 – 2006  Independent Curator, Art Critic 2007.8 - 2009.3  Chief Curator in MJgallery 2009 –  Director of Contemporary Art Institute and Art Space Purl Independent Curating 2006  Soma Condition, Cyber exhibition, okgallery 2004  Yang Sung Ock‟s, Hot meeting, Kwanghwamun gallery, Seoul, Korea 2001  Identity of a painting-Memo one, Daegu arts center, Korea 2001  Beauty, that is, Earth in ceramics, Bitsal museum, Daegu, Korea 2001  Summer history, residency a month in closed school, Sungju, Korea 2000  Dream of the Shinchun river, Shinchun riverside, Daeg, Korea 2000  Paradigm shift, Daegu arts
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1999 The Method of 10 persons

The Method of 10 persons   10인의 방법 전  - The noon of intelligence, Transcendence vs. Submergence-   ::Opening Event Noon - 4:00pm Performance: Modern dance (2 dancers including Eun-shil Lee) Noon - 4:30pm < The noon of intelligence, Transcendence vs. Submergence >                             Discussions and critics on the artwork in display Artists :  Yong-kwan Kwon, Young-min Kim, Jin-wook Kim, Changsoo Park,               Moo-ho Shin, Gil-shik Lee, Dong-hoon Yim, Jin-taek Jung,               Byoung-Moon Choi, Joo-young Choi Directed by : Ok-real Kim (Art Critic) Date/Place:   July 6th, 1999 at 4pm / Daegu Arts Center, Hall 4 Byoung-Moon Choi Jin-taek Jung Joo-young Choi Young-min  Kim Yong-kwan  Kwon Gil-shik  Lee Jin-wook  Kim Art has been provoking numerous modes and styles under the name of ‘originality.’ Such diversity usually acts as a creative power, but at times it burdens us and causes great conflicts and confusion between conventions and originality. Should we keep sil

1999 Modern Myths 현대의 신화

  Modern Myths 현대의 신화   -In the body and language-  Presented by: Internet Gallery of Contemporary Art (today, Post Gallery) Display Period: May 11th – 16th, 1999 Opening Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 1999 Place: Daegu Arts Center (Halls 6, 7) Directed by: Kim Ok-real (Artistic director/Art critic) Artists: Kwon Ki-chul, Kwon O-bong, Jang Jae-hee, Jung Young-heouk Jung Eun-you, Jung Tae-kyung Do we see what a painting tries to say? Or, does it speak even? If so, how much do we listen to what it shows? Today I am again standing in front of a painting which I listen to with eyes and see with ears, trying to commune with it. Trying so that my eyes might become ears and my ears become eyes for those who have never made such an attempt nor even dreamed of it.  In fact, it is difficult to understand a painting. Perhaps it is the reality of contemporary art that it easily leads us to misinterpretations and misunderstanding. Many say that they have nothing to say about it. Most of these people had

1999 Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance 해체와 무저항의 메타포

Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance 해체와 무저항의 메타포 Sponsored by: Internet Gallery of Contemporary Art ( Display Period: March 1st – May 15th, 1999 Artists: Lee, Seel-ku, Park Chul-ho Directed by: Kim, Ok-real Artists : Lee Seel-ku – Shattered Life, Overlapping self-scrutiny Park Chul-ho – Gesture of resistance and metaphor of nonresistance   ::Lee Seel-ku ; Fragmented Life, the Twofold Gaze at the Self The works of Lee Seel-ku realize the reality of life through disorganization of trees or plants, parts of nature. His pictures suggest the significance of life by means of the metaphor of fragmentation and disorganization. At the first sight, the plastic qualities of his works seems to be commonplace symbolic signs, attained by disorganizing common images and escaping from self. However, it is noteworthy that the fragments of plants, represented in abstract image, suggest the way of gaze at twofold self.   "Untitled-1" and "Untitled-2" us

1988 Woman of the woman 여성의 여성

  Woman of the woman -Finding the identity of life- ■ Period: Sep. 10th – 17th, 1998 ■ Place: Art center ‘Sol’ ■ Organized by: Independent Curator, Okreal Kim ■ Critic: Okreal Kim ■ Artists: Myung-mi Lee, Young-sik Lee, Kang-mi Yoon ::Finding the identity of life Today, one is accustomed to human mechanization, caused by materialism originated from the diffusion of consumption culture, and by the flood of reproduction. That is to say, woman has been devaluated and projected in immoral pornography by the commercial images indiscreetly used, materialism, and the banalized notion of reproduction. It is about time to dedicate our time and passion to the restoration of femininity and to finding of the identity of life, and establish the new values of the human beings. In this context, this exhibition proposes to erase these negative images of woman, set up a new vision of femininity and be actively engaged in finding the meaning of her existence.  Artists and their work Myung-mi

1997 Prospects of the language of drawing and the communication 드로잉의 언어와 소통의 전망전

Prospects of the language of drawing and the communication Opening the possibility of communication: Invitation to art and its realm of amusement Sponsored by: Art Center ‘Sol’ Independent Curator : Ok-real Kim Year : 1997 Artists paint, supposing that there is someone to look at their work. Creating art and its maintenance cannot be done by one single person, but require art appreciators. Art continues because they exist. Thus the artistic creation and its appreciation co-exist and are done simultaneously. If the latter means to have artistic experiences, the first means to express such experiences and realize them in a specific work. However, it is not that simple and easy to express and encapsulate these artistic experiences in an image. It certainly requires talents and efforts, which does not mean that art belongs to some special group of people, for artistic experiences include the psychological activities occurred in a play. Everyone (not only artists) has a memory of play in c